A feature of the Best of Sri Lanka Properties tour is the architecture of Geoffrey Bawa, known as the Frank Lloyd Wright of South Asia,

We stay at his hotels and visit some of his memorable locations. Bawa was a globally influential architect and bought the world Tropical Modern design. It has now permeated many destinations from Australia, Asia, and the Americas.

Our investigation into Architecture also includes property. This tour is ideal for people who wish to dive deeper into Sri Lanka, either as a future home or investment opportunity.

Not only will the tour take you through most of the possible destinations, but we can also explain the steps and procedures of buying in Sri Lanka. We can introduce you to the right people: agents, lawyers, locals, and other expats. Buying in Asia is not simple and we can help make this process smoother.

Not only has Michael bought and sold his own property here, he is also an experienced property buyer’s agent in Australia, and is able to transfer these skills to Sri Lanka.