Galle to Hirikitiya: travel day

After spending the morning exploring Galle, it’s just two hours until we get to Hirikitiya where we take over a 12-room boutique hotel for three nights. This will be our home from where we can explore the south coast.

The protected circular cove at Hirikitiya, as well as being incredibly beautiful, has a gentle, easy-to-ride surf break. The hotel boards are available and ready for all of us to catch some waves before or after our daily tours.

Dinner will be our first local cooking class with the resident chef.

NB: While we are based in Hirikitiya you can choose to do whatever you prefer. You can join in the day’s activities, stay by the pool at the hotel, go surfing, wander around and come and go. Local tuk-tuks (three wheeler taxis) are cheap and freely available.

Inclusions: surfboards (but lessons not included), cooking lesson

Meals: breakfast, dinner