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The tear shape island south of India is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity and interest. Often referred to as “India Lite”, Sri Lanka has all the spice, colour and interest of its northern neighbour without the crowds, noise and bustle.

The Best of Sri Lanka tour, guided by Michael Murray, takes a leisurely circuit through the lower southwest quarter of this unique island, the island that gave the world the concept of “Serendipity.”

The south-west has some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world, and the hill country and tea-growing region is equally spectacular.

Food, architecture, history and culture are some of Michael’s interests. Also for those interested, Michael can provide guidance and advice on buying property. These themes and interests will be the windows through which we gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating country. The tour dips into these aspects of Sri Lanka, sourcing expert local knowledge along the way.

The tour is a mix of luxury and casual, adventurous and relaxed, active and lazy. It has the perfect balance between structure and spontaneity.

We take care of all the hassles and practicalities leaving you with the chance to be open to new possibilities and serendipity – to find the essence of Serendib itself.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

Best of Sri Lanka covers:

  • the beautiful south coast, including superb beaches and the gentle surf at Hirikitiya
  • two cooking classes – and delicious food at every meal
  • some of the brilliant tropical-modernist architecture of Geoffrey Bawa
  • the historic city of Galle, settled by the Portuguese and Dutch 400 years ago
  • spa and yoga options
  • colonial towns of the tea country
  • picking your own tea
  • the original capital – Kandy – and the Temple of the (Buddha’s) Tooth
  • one of the most beautiful train rides in the world
  • brilliant shopping in the modern capital, Colombo